Statistics trick question

So, my brain has recovered from chemo to go back and continue my coursework toward the management degree I was working on, and this semester I jumped right in with 12 credits. Business Law, Grant Writing, Social Media Marketing, and Statistics. But it’s okay; I’ve discovered that I’ve still got it. However, I was taking practice tests to study for my statistics mid-term and this happened.  #sorrynotsorry #clownophobic #thefearisreal

trick question


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My Portfolio Page and Info

I am posting the contents of my Portfolio page over here, since the Caffeinated Music audience seems a very appropriate place to offer this aspect of my freelance promotional writing services. Please pop over to my studio page and look around and if you have any questions, please message me.

In addition to art work, I have always needed to promote whatever ministry group or event for whichever church I had worked for, and as I am now retired from ministry, I wish to offer that kind of service to the general public.

The desktop publishing I did to promote various ministry work combined with the Grammar Cop in me while handling heavy document production in busy law firms during my twenties and thirties has left me with some awesome writing skills. There is a section on my original blog tagged as “my best papers” that I pooled together various creative writings and many of the school papers I had written while I was taking online courses. Most of those research papers generate between 100 and 400 views per week during college semesters, which in addition to being highly flattering, has also entrenched my writing in the Google standings. As a tutor, I have been helping others learn to write for many years and it had not occurred to me that I could and should be making a living adding writing to the current creative services I offer.

Bottom line: In addition to the design and art work I currently do, I am rather good at writing toward promoting some point or other and I wish to go forward using all of my super powers as my new career.

After getting cancer for my 50th birthday (that sucked), I want to spend the balance of my time engaging in work that blesses and uplifts others. With a natural gifting as an encourager and well-honed business and creative writing skills, if you or your company needs promotional assistance in the way of:

  • local storefront windows painted or
  • a piece of personalized art work for your home or office, or perhaps
  • some press releases and original articles written for use on your website or for original content for newsletters or for submission to trade publications to showcase your business,

by all means please contact me! I would love to join forces with you in this next exciting phase of my life.

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Catnip coma

Got to love my silly, fluffy, goofball cat.

Big Black Dog Studio


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Grey muzzles


My big, beautiful black dog’s muzzle is going grey!

My Nemo’s muzzle is gone nearly all silver. He was right up near the pillow when I took this picture and I am surprised it came out in focus. He usually makes the effort to sneak up next to me not so much to cuddle the way Rico does, but because he wants something he doesn’t have thumbs to get. Dogs have no guile.

The big guy is five and a half years old now. I still remember the day he was born, when the Puppy Fairy delivered nine puppies to Daisy, the pregnant dog I had rescued from the neighbor next door. We won’t go there right now. This is about happy stuff and we did find a good home for Daisy.

Nemo grew up with not one, but two nanny dogs, the first being Emily the Great Pyrenees who passed away when Nemo was just six months old and the second being Sadie, the Yellow Lab who just recently passed away. He has lived with cats and chickens his entire life as well as with Sparky, his elder dog brother by two years. Nemo’s younger dog brother would be Rico, who is just over three years old. Phoofie has been a mainstay and nemesis for Nemo’s entire life so far. Of course, at eleven years old, the cat pretty much just naps all day and ignores the dogs anyway.

When I got sick last year, the lying around staring at the ceiling activity level I have had makes me appreciate that my dogs are here providing in-home dog therapy the way they do. When I get my hair to grow back, I’m not even going to complain about it being all grey any more. At this point, I will be satisfied to simply have hair.

My shiny, black puppy has grown to 140lbs at his heaviest, 125lbs when he’s at his best weight, and has acquired quite a few silver threads on his schnozzola. Grey hairs signify life lived, history made, time spent. Nobody will ever love you the way your dog does.

Day 16: Grey muzzles are beautiful.

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R.I.P. Sadie

Sadie RIPOur fifteen year old Labrador Retriever Sadie passed away at New Year’s. We had had her with us since she was nine months old. Some of Sadie’s happiest years were spent in Vermont where she greatly enjoyed her neighbors, HannahandJosh (yes, it was always said as one word), especially since Sadie has never known anyone else with hair colour the same as hers since the days of Josh.

Sadie was nanny dog to Sparky, Nemo and then Rico plus several chickens and a cat or two that did not discriminate. She was a very loving, long-suffering, hard-headed dog the colour of a pumpkin.

Other pet memorials of my family can be found here.

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Introducing Live Wise Naturals by Rico’s human

FB bannerWhat a better way to start off 2016 than with a healthy mindset and getting the body to follow? Rico’s human is truly a fitness and health fanatic and he’s taken the leap into founding his own supplement company to provide products made with the quality ingredients that he himself chooses to take care of his own body.

Having spent over six months sidelined to date, I am personally glad 2015 is over. I have only two more sessions of chemo to go through in January and am looking forward to regaining my health, my energy, my stamina, my BODY and my brain back!

One of the worst parts of the chemo treatment is that I’m not often hungry. And of course, if you don’t eat, you’re not getting nutrition into your body. If I did force myself to eat, my body felt blah, like it wasn’t  was absorbing the nutrients anyway.

Enter Rico’s human with his new B12 and the D3+K2 liquid drops. I got to be one of the testers for Greg’s product launch and I have nothing but positive things to say.

My body having trouble digesting food and nutrient is less of a problem with these because the liquid supplements are absorbed sublingually, or under the tongue, and go straight into my bloodstream. Most of you all out there are hopefully not having to go through chemo to really need to appreciate the importance of this and I hope you won’t ever have to. Cancer sucks. Suffering through the chemo side effects sucks more.

So, looking forward to a rebirth and rising from the ashes of yours truly in 2016, in mind, body and spirit. Of course, having a neighbor like Rico’s human working out in his driveway every day should inspire any body, right?

Here’s their Facebook page: where you will hopefully hit LIKE and become a fan and supporter of Rico and the human as they grow their new business together!

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New Year’s Resolution 2016 – Super Sparkly Me

2015 before and after me

I know I’ve been on here for a long time, but in case we haven’t been formally introduced, my name is Suzanne and the above pictures show me at the start of 2015 going in and at the end of the year going out. I’ve always been thin and in pretty good shape, so headed into my 50th year, I was confident of my lifelong good eating and exercise habits that I felt great, was looking pretty great and feeling that my life was going great. And then I got one heck of a surprise that turned my little happy world upside down.

All spring I had not been feeling very well, mostly just drained and had no energy. I needed more and more naps in the afternoon. I had a swollen lymph node on my neck and a dry cough that wouldn’t go away since the Christmas before. Since I am a music director at a church, I have always joked that I often wind up getting a cold from somebody what with all of the holiday hugging and didn’t think much about it. Until it just didn’t go away. Well, by mid-July, my temperature was spiking to 102, 103 and even 104 degrees, being brought down only temporarily by a constant supply of aspirin. And everybody knows that can’t be good.

After nearly a month in the hospital, I received a diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – a blood cancer, which thankfully is 90% – 95% curable. Heaven knows there are much worse cancers or diseases one can have. Four days after my birthday in August, I had my first chemo treatment with an expected treatment time of a relatively short six or seven months. God is good that I’d gotten something curable and short-lived.

Super Sparkly Me is going to be my deliberate exercise in getting my mindset, my body, my hair, my joy and basically my LIFE back to the way I want it to be. I’ve spent over thirty years in ministry and I regularly practice listening to others, finding things to be positive in the midst of trial about, and giving others the benefit of the doubt, even when my emotions feel stepped on. From earlier posts like 2014’s “Look for the beauty in everyone,” you all know that this is not a new concept for me.

However, at the end of 2015, I looked in the mirror and did not see ME any more. In 2016, I am going on the deliberate hunt to not only reclaim my inner strength and beauty, but to seek out beauty and goodness in others all around me. Not casually any more. Not conveniently. Deliberately.

And since I’ve always been a rather hard-headed and determined little thing, I am confident that I’m going to find it. Each and every day. I hope some of ya’ll would like to join me.

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